Viewers are having to use subtitles to understand the Irish accents on 'Normal People'

Viewers are having to use subtitles to understand the Irish accents on 'Normal People'

IT’S ALREADY one of the most watched and talked about TV shows of 2020 but hit drama series Normal People is proving difficult viewing for some fans. 

According to a report from The Sun, viewers are struggling to understand the Irish accents that feature on the series, which is an adaptation of Irish author Sally Rooney’s novel of the same name. 

More than 16 million people have already tuned in to watch Normal People. 

However, at least one fan on Twitter has admitted they only began to enjoy the series, which is set in Sligo and Dublin, once they turned the subtitles on. 

“I’m finally starting Normal People because I found subtitles,” the unnamed fan admitted on social media. 

It's not the first time TV audiences have struggled with Irish accents.

When the hit comedy series Derry Girls first debuted on Netflix in the US, many American fans admitted to turning the substitles on in order to follow what was going on.

In the case of Normal People, however, it’s not only the accents that are proving distracting, according to the report. 

In some instances, fans are finding themselves so distracted by the explicit sex scenes that feature in the series, they have been forced to turn the subtitles so they can keep track of what is going on. 

“I have to use subtitles,” one fan claimed. 

"They’re too hot I forget to listen to the words.” 

The six-part series, which runs close to six hours in total, features an estimated 41 minutes of sexual content and sparked outrage in some quarters of Ireland after it was broadcast on RTE.