Americans are really struggling to understand the Irish accents on Derry Girls

Americans are really struggling to understand the Irish accents on Derry Girls

DERRY GIRLS might be the best TV show to come out of Ireland in 2018, but it’s leaving some American viewers baffled.

The hit comedy series, set around a school in Northern Ireland during the troubles in the 1990s, was added to Netflix over the festive period.

A critical and commercial hit when it first aired in the UK and Ireland, Lisa McGee’s hit show has already been commissioned for a second season with rumours of a possible film also being in the works.

It’s proven similarly popular with viewers across the pond, with The Hollywood Reporter praising the series as "comedy gold".

Not all the newfound American viewers are quite so bowled over though.


(Pic: Channel 4)

In fact, some have been left a little bit nonplussed by the whole thing – but it’s nothing to do with the actual show.

While Derry Girls continues to earn rave reviews from fans on Twitter, some US viewers have been forced to confess they are struggling with one particular aspect of the show: the accents.

Thankfully Netflix had the perfect solution to the problem: subtitles.

Some fans were truly thankful.


Some seemed disappointed with themselves over it.

Others tried and failed to master those dulcet Derry tones.


It left some questioning their Irish heritage.

That didn't stop fans from loving the show's Irish vibes though.

Derry Girls will return for a second series in 2019.


From the looks of it, it can't some quick enough for some fans.