WATCH: Anger as dozens attend hours-long street party in Dublin estate

WATCH: Anger as dozens attend hours-long street party in Dublin estate

FOOTAGE HAS emerged of a street party which took place in a Dublin estate over the weekend.

Video footage of the event, which was originally published by Irish outlet The Liberal, has drawn fury as the revellers appear to be flouting social distancing measures introduced to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

The video shows people taking to the streets of an estate in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, dancing to Mark McCabe's dance track Maniac 2000.

While most people seem to be keeping apart from one another at first, the party lasted for hours and got bigger, with further footage showing dozens of people in the estate that night-- still dancing to the same song-- as the music blares and disco lights flash across the houses.

Local councillor John Walsh said the behaviour is unacceptable, but that "a number of events like this have happened across Dublin, and we shouldn't single out Dublin 15.

"It's happened across the city and probably across the country, but at the same time parties like this shouldn't be happening- they have to stop in the current environment."

Others on social media were quick to voice their anger, with one man saying it is an "insult to the people of Ireland that are following guidelines.

"It's an insult to front line workers and to people."

"What chance have we got with fools like this of getting back to normal in the future?" another said.

Ireland began implemented social distancing measures on March 13, where the Government closed schools and colleges and announced that gatherings of over 100 people would be banned.

Since then, further measures including remaining at home and not going further than 2km from your house except for essential trips such as grocery shopping have been introduced to slow the spread of the virus.

These measures are in place until at least 5 May.