Watch: Baby giraffe take her first wobbly steps

Watch: Baby giraffe take her first wobbly steps

A US zoo has shared incredible footage of a female baby giraffe taking her first tentative steps.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado uploaded footage the six-foot-tall younger walking for the first time to its Facebook page.

Born on Saturday to the zoo’s 10-year-old reticulated giraffe, Msitu, the youngster her third calf and the 16th member of the facility’s fast-expanding 16-strong giraffe herd.


“It's a girl! The reticulated giraffe calf born yesterday is confirmed a female,” the zoo wrote alongside one image of the giraffe.

“Mom, Msitu, and baby girl are both doing well and are meeting guests in the quiet, closely managed giraffe barn today.”

Baby giraffes don’t enjoy the easiest of starts to life.

After a 15-month pregnancy, mothers give birth standing up, meaning most baby calves begin life with a six-foot fall to the ground.

It isn’t long before they are up and about though with most up and walking around within an hour of birth.

While Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s new baby giraffe is already pretty steady on its feet, its carers are planning on waiting a month before naming her.


Incredibly, anyone keep to keep an eye on mother and child can do exactly that via a live webcam feed that can be accessed here: