WATCH: Commuters drag Extinction Rebellion protesters off Tube train roof

WATCH: Commuters drag Extinction Rebellion protesters off Tube train roof

EXTINCTION REBELLION activists who climbed on top of a train on the London Underground have been forcibly dragged off by furious commuters.

The protesters reportedly targeted trains leaving Stratford, Canning Town and Shadwell stations during Thursday's morning rush hour, causing huge disruption to those trying to get to work.

The Jubilee and Docklands Light Railway (DLR) were partially suspended because of the incidents and there are still reports of delays on both lines.

Footage was captured of the activists on top of the trains as angry commuters attempted to haul them off.

People can be seen throwing drinks and aggressive grabbing at the protestors atop the carriages, before one of them is dragged down by the leg by one commuter.


A firm kick from the activist failed to repel the mob as he was pulled directly into the ire and mercy of seething work-goers.

One commuter can be heard shouting: "I have to get to work - I have to feed my kids."

The British Transport Police (BTP) confirmed that four people have been arrested over the protests.

In a statement they said: "We continue to urge protesters to not target the London Underground network. This is dangerous, not only for protesters but for commuters.

"We have increased our patrols on the London Underground and at other rail hubs throughout London."

Extinction Rebellion though insisted the disruption was "necessary to highlight the emergency".


Speaking to BBC News, commuters who were delayed on the DLR lambasted the move, with one saying: "They [Extinction Rebellion protesters] are supposed to be trying to get the support of the people. How is doing this going to achieve that?"

A fair point.