WATCH: Dublin Fire Brigade rescues baby deer 'trapped in pond'

WATCH: Dublin Fire Brigade rescues baby deer 'trapped in pond'

FIREFIGHTERS from Dublin's Fire Brigade heroically saved a baby deer from drowning after it managed to get trapped in a pond.

The tiny fawn fell into a water feature on the grounds of a golf course near Bray in Co. Wicklow and couldn't get out due to the pond's thick overgrowth.

Dublin Fire Brigade shared footage of the "unusual" rescue on their Twitter account.

In the video, two firefighters can be seen wading in before picking the sodden little animal up and lifting it out of the water to safety.

Obviously a little shaken up by the ordeal, the deer is seen struggling in the arms of its rescuers, and once back on dry land, it leaps up and darts off back into the nearby forest.

"Firefighters from Dun Laoghaire Fire Station were called to an unusual rescue today in Old Conna Golf Club," the fire brigade wrote on social media.

"A fawn became trapped in a pond with heavy growth. Two swiftwater rescue technicians were able to assist the fawn to safety."

The charming video garnered quite the reaction from followers of Dublin's sire service, as social media users queued up to thank the quick-thinking crew members.

"Aw poor sweet little thing! I'm glad you guys were able to help it to safety. Thank you for all you do, helping keep not only us but others safe from harm," wrote one Twitter user.

"Thank you for your animal kindness, care and welfare," wrote another.