WATCH: Limerick Fire Brigade praised for 'purrfect' rescue of cat stuck on electricity pole

WATCH: Limerick Fire Brigade praised for 'purrfect' rescue of cat stuck on electricity pole

A CAT who found itself in a paw-ful situation is now safe and sound thanks to the Limerick Fire Brigade.

Yesterday evening, local animal charity Limerick Animal Welfare posted an appeal for help to their official Facebook page, after they were alerted to a cat who had been stuck atop a tall telephone pole for almost 24 hours.

"HELP NEEDED!" a spokesperson for the charity wrote, urging anyone who might be able to help to get in touch.

An image alongside the appeal showed the cat trapped on top of the pole, where it had allegedly been since the night before, with no way to get down.

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The animal lovers of Limerick got to work quickly, and shortly afterwards the charity posted an update where they confirmed the Fire Brigade had been notified and were on their way.

Members of the Fire and Rescue service undertook a purr-fect rescue, managing to bring the cat to safety just as dusk began falling on the city...

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And a video of the rescue was later posted to Limerick Animal Welfare's Facebook page.

In the video, members of the Fire and Rescue service remain calm and collected as they approach the cat, being sure not to spook the animal and cause it to fall-- and in less than a minute, the cat is safely scooped up and brought to safety.

And the fire service even got in on the puns themselves, sharing a photo of the trapped cat with the image "Feline fine this evening with the puuuurrfect rescue!"

The brigade members were praised for their stellar work in rescuing the moggy, with one person writing "Fair play, watched the video, thank God the fireman was so quick to catch kitty before he got too startled!

"Well done to you and all involved."

"Brilliant job, well done," another woman wrote, while another simply said "Heroes."