'We put our faith in Almighty God': Donald Trump delivers furious speech at Republican Convention

'We put our faith in Almighty God': Donald Trump delivers furious speech at Republican Convention

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump yesterday accepted his Republican Party nomination for re-election with a fiery speech attacking Joe Biden and the left while declaring the best was yet to come should he be re-elected.

Taking to the stage at the fourth and final night of the Republican National Convention, Mr Trump warned that should the country vote "weak" Joe Biden into office, "he'll be the destroyer of American greatness".

Mr Trump appealed to his religious voters and stated that what unified Americans in the past was "an unshakeable confidence in America's destiny and an unbreakable faith in the American People.

"They knew that our country is blessed by God, and has a special purpose in the world," he said.

Attacking Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden, Mr Trump said the upcoming election will "decide whether we save the American Dream, or whether we allow a socialist agenda to demolish our cherished destiny".

"Your vote will decide whether we protect law abiding Americans, or whether we give free reign to violent anarchists, agitators, and criminals who threaten our citizens," he continued.

"And this election will decide whether we will defend the American Way of Life, or whether we allow a radical movement to completely dismantle and destroy it."

Joe Biden would be "the destroyer of American Greatness" if he were to be elected, Donald Trump told voters. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

"In the left's backward view, they do not see America as the most free, just, and exceptional nation on earth. Instead, they see a wicked nation that must be punished for its sins."

"But in this country, we don't look to career politicians for salvation. In America, we don't turn to government to restore our souls -- we put our faith in Almighty God.

"Joe Biden is not the saviour of America's soul," Trump said in a fiery delivery, "he is the destroyer of America's jobs, and if given the chance, he will be the destroyer of American Greatness."

In a wide-ranging speech, Mr Trump reiterated his support for gun ownership, condemned abortion, 'cancel culture', the 'China Virus' and again claimed that he had "done more for the African-American community than any president since Abraham Lincoln", as protests against racial inequality and police brutality continue to erupt across the nation.

Democratic presidential nominee Mr Biden responded to Mr Trump's speech with a short statement on Twitter, where he said:

"Remember: every example of violence Donald Trump decries has happened on his watch.

"Under his leadership. During his presidency."

The United States will vote in the Presidential Election on 3 November.