Woman charged after using fake 'Maderna' vaccine pass to go on holiday

Woman charged after using fake 'Maderna' vaccine pass to go on holiday

A TWENTY-FOUR-year-old American woman has been charged after submitting a fake vaccination card in an attempt to go on holiday.

The woman was arrested when authorities noticed a glaring spelling error on her form, as she wrote "Maderna" instead of Moderna.

That being said, she still managed to make it to Hawaii for her holiday, and was only apprehended on her journey home.

She uploaded a photo of her fake card to the US Safe Travels programme, which ensures that only fully vaccinated individuals can travel while avoiding a 10-day quarantine.

The woman arrived in Honolulu on August 23, and immediately raised suspicion among airport staff.

Hawaii-based special agent Wilson Lau said: "Airport screeners found suspicious errors... such as Moderna was spelled wrong and that her home was Illinois but her shot was taken in Delaware."

Mr Lau wrote to a Delaware official who confirmed that there was no vaccination record for the woman under the details she had provided on the vaccine card.

Authorities eventually caught up with her at the Southwest Airline counter at Honolulu airport as she tried to leave on August 28.

She was later charged with two misdemeanour counts of violating Hawaii's emergency rules to control the spread of Covid-19, and for falsifying vaccination documents.