Woman dies after falling from rollercoaster

Woman dies after falling from rollercoaster

A WOMAN has died after falling from a rollercoaster in nightmarish circumstances. 

The incident occurred at the Parc Saint-Paul in France this past Saturday, July 4. 

According to witnesses, the 32-year-old victim was riding the theme park’s popular Formula 1 rollercoaster when she slipped over the ride’s safety bar. 

In a tragic additional detail, it has been reported that her husband reached out to try and grab her foot but failed in his efforts to stop her from falling. 

One eyewitness described the unfolding horror to the French news website Courrier Picard. 

“My children wanted to get in the carousel, and we heard screaming, then I saw the lady, who was strong, fall,” they said. 

“She went over the bar and her husband tried to catch her by the foot.” 

Another witness added: “We have seen children feeling sick or crying. Some were at the top when the carousel stopped.” 

The woman was attended to at the scene by firefighters but pronounced dead shortly after. 

No other injuries were reported in the incident. 

Local French media has since confirmed that the unnamed victim was at the theme park for her child’s second birthday celebrations.  

Her sister, mother and husband are all said to have been present. 

In a statement reported by The Sun, Parc Saint-Paul management said: 

“The park area has been completely cut off for visitors.  

“The teams have taken care of the visitors and families affected. ‘All the teams join the family to express their deepest sadness following this event.: 

The incident comes 11 years after another woman, aged 35, died on the park’s Formula 1-themed attraction in 2009.