14 iconic Irish ciders to enjoy in the sunshine
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14 iconic Irish ciders to enjoy in the sunshine

SUMMER IS nearly over and, but here is a list of our favourite beer gardens and cider for you to end the season

And when comes to cider, no one does it quite like the Irish.

Ireland boasts a rich heritage when it comes to producing cider and now is the perfect time to celebrate some of the Emerald Isle's very best.


14. Madden's Mellow Armagh Cider 4.5%

Balancing fruitiness and refreshing acidity, this Armagh Cider Company effort boasts a lovely red apple skin finish.


13. Little Island Irish Craft Cider (5.1%)

Summoning up memories of Granny Smith apples, the dry effort comes directly from Cork and effectively combines crisp acidity with a surprisingly steely coolness.


12. Llewellyn’s LL Cider (6%)

The product of the family-run Llewellyn’s Orchard in Lusk, Double L combines a distinctively crushed apple aroma with a long and fruity taste that boasts a notable tangy tart finish.


11. Dan Kelly’s Cider (4.5%)

This Drogheda cider combines Bramley apples and dessert fruit for a dry finish which, when mixed with light carbonation, lets a natural flavour shine through.

10. Longueville House Cider (5%)

A medium dry cider full of refreshing tart and tangle apple flavours and a rich amber colour. Best served chilled without ice, this Rebel County cider also combines well with food.


9. Craigies Irish Cider Ballyhook Flyer (5.8%)

Brewed in Wicklow using apples sources from Cork, Tipperary, Waterford, and Kilkenny, this medium bodied, amber coloured effort combines a lovely crispness with refreshing fruit flavours.


8. MacIvor’s Traditional Dry Cider (5.6%)

Another County Armagh classic, this very dry cider boasts a fresh bite of acidity with the suitably tangy finish of freshly peeled crunchy green apples.


7. Orpens Medium Dry 2012 Irish Craft Cider (5.3%)


Named in honour of the first woman in the world to be handed a jockey’s licence, Orpens is made using fresh juice rather than concentrate for an elegant and balanced taste.

6. Bulmers (Magners) Original Irish Cider (4.5%)

The Clonmel classic has been around since 1935 and is a staple of any good pub. Made using 17 different varieties of apple, its crisp taste helps it rank among the most popular ciders out there.

5. John Kepplers Premium Irish Cider (4.5%)

The Kepplers Cider Company are known for their range of impressive premium Irish ciders. This is the lightest of the bunch, though it still offers a crisp and thoroughly refreshing taste.


4. Cockagee Pure Irish Keeved Cider (5%)


One of Meath’s finest exports, this delicately sparkling cider is made using the natural keeving art of fermentation. It makes for an off-dry, smoothly textured tipple.


3. Devil’s Bit Mountain Cider (6%)

This traditional Irish Orchard Cider is a full-bodied, medium dry brew that utilises age-old cider making techniques and the use of bittersweet cider apples to create a truly refreshing taste.

2. Irish Kelly’s Cider (4.6%)

This hard cider is made using four varieties of apple and is known for its light and easy-to-drink taste, free of artificial additives. It’s also notable for being Gluten free.


1. Armagh Carsons Crisp Cider (4.5%)

Made using 100 percent fresh-pressed apples, this Armagh Carsons effort is known for its super clean, refreshing taste that still possesses that essential tangy appley taste.