Awful '90s charity single comes back to haunt former Ireland boss Mick McCarthy

Awful '90s charity single comes back to haunt former Ireland boss Mick McCarthy

A CHARITY single recorded in 1991 by Mick McCarthy and former Eurovision Song Contest winner Linda Martin has finally found its way onto the internet.

It’s a moment the former Ireland manager has been dreading and leaves McCarthy bracing himself for a barrage of stick from his current colleagues at Ipswich Town.

‘Did You Ever?’ is a cover of a duet by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, and McCarthy claims the recording with Ireland's 1992 Eurovision winner came about following a few too many red wines.

"Ah, me singing... yeah. I wondered when that might appear,” the former Celtic defender told The East Anglian Daily Times.

"Let me tell you, they had to feed me red wine to get me to sing. ‘Did You Ever?’ That’s the one. She [Linda Martin] went on to win Eurovision you know? I’ve helped all sorts of people me,” he joked.

Having enjoyed a taste of the limelight with ‘Put 'Em Under Pressure’ – the Ireland squad’s official song for their memorable 1990 World Cup campaign – McCarthy admits he got caught up in the aftermath of the euphoria that swept the nation.

"It was for charity,” he stressed. “It’s just one of those things. When things are going well for you, someone comes and asks you if you’ll do it and you wonder at the time if it will come back to haunt you.

"I was involved in the World Cup one as well playing the drums. That was perfect for me. At junior school they used to give me the recorder. I thought that was because I was good with the recorder, but it was because I couldn’t sing.”