Bob Marley will finally appear on Bohemian's away jersey after the club secured naming rights

Bob Marley will finally appear on Bohemian's away jersey after the club secured naming rights

LEGENDARY REGGAE singer Bob Marley will finally appear on Dublin club Bohemian's jersey after the Phibsborough club secured naming rights for Marley to feature on the kit. 

The north Dublin club had previously tried to get the music legends' face on their jersey back in 2018, but had to abandon plans when they found out they had the wrong naming rights.

The reason for the link-up is due to the fact that Bob Marley's last ever outdoor gig was back in 1980 at Dalymount Park.

He died a year later due to complications with cancer.

Boh's announced on Monday that they had worked in tandem with the Marley family and Universal Music’s merchandise to bring the partnership to life in 2022.

Asylum centers in Ireland will be given musical instruments and football equipment from 10 percent of the profits from sales.

Bohs’ chief operating officer Daniel Lambert said

“It brings me enormous joy to unveil this jersey today following years of work on the idea.

“The Marley concert at Dalymount is one of Ireland’s truly special musical events, his only ever Irish show and, sadly, his last ever outdoor one.

“His love of football is widely known to all, and that he played on our famous pitch before the concert, the same turf that some of the world’s best players have graced such as Pele, Best and Zidane is amazing.”

He's just such a big name, such a global star. It was such an important gig, this was the last chance he had to play an outdoor gig. That Uprising tour was the last tour and it was the only Irish gig," he added.

"He played [football] on the pitch here and he played under the floodlights above us which are to come down this year as well, so there's really great tangible history that links this place to him," Mr Lambert said.

"Bob Marley was a huge football fan. He came up with the term 'football is freedom' and I think that football and music do bring people together. It is important to us that we use the club as a force for good, the work we do on integration, homelessness and other areas - it's a nice story, and it uses a real piece of history,"

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