Brian Kerr doesn't know who the Ireland manager will be

Brian Kerr doesn't know who the Ireland manager will be

Ireland legend Brian Kerr has claimed that not even he has an idea of who the next Ireland manager will be.

The search for a new Ireland manager is set to conclude this week, with the FAI stating that it is planned to install a Stephen Kenny replacement in time for early April.

A name has not been officially disclosed, and like every other week, a new manager has been linked and unlinked within a matter of hours by Irish outlets and publications. For example, former Ireland coach Anthony Barry's name was mentioned, and the rumour died down within hours.

Kerr, who was the technical adviser to interim head coach John O'Shea for the games against Belgium and Switzerland last month, was asked during the Champions League games about any hints or information he may have on who the next Boys in Green boss might be. The Dublin native claimed he was as much in the dark as the rest of the eager public.

"Not a word; I can't help you at all," Kerr said to Tommy Martin on Virgin Media.

"You can do what you like with your money. If you're going to back someone, I have no idea. I didn't get any information on that other than what we were, you know, I saw. There was seemingly a calmness about Mark Canam, particularly, who was around the place a good bit when the team was in, and he seemed to be calm with the situation."

John O'Shea has been mentioned as a solution to the FAI's managerial problem if circumstances go his way. Kerr backs the move because of his footballing education

"Well, I think he's had great schooling, obviously, as a player. He had an outstanding career as a player. I mean, you don't. I think I've said this before: You don't last as long as Manchester United unless you have special qualities, not just as a player but as a person.

"He was highly regarded and played in almost every position on the pitch, so he got a great grounding in the position and the strengths and weaknesses.

"And now, he's gone along as a coach and has experience with various clubs as an assistant coach, so I think John would be well able to get it if he's the one who ends up getting it because of the various circumstances for other people."