Cameron blasts Taylor for not taking trilogy fight

Cameron blasts Taylor for not taking trilogy fight

Northampton boxer Chantelle Cameron has criticised Katie Taylor for not entertaining the possibility of a third fight between them.

The two fighters have previously faced off twice, with each winning one bout at Dublin's 3Arena.

There had been expectations of a third match, but failed negotiations between their camps have dashed those hopes.

“She’s not entertaining the idea of a trilogy. I feel like months of my career have been wasted now,” Cameron told Sky Sports. “The impact on women’s boxing would have been immense.

“As much as I wanted the trilogy for personal reasons—to reclaim my belts—it would have been a significant moment for women’s boxing and continued its upward trajectory.”

Cameron, eager to regain her titles from Taylor, acknowledges the challenge ahead but remains determined to face her again.

"It's unfinished business. I don't want to move on and neglect the opportunity to reclaim those belts. Perhaps it's optimistic or even idealistic to think Katie will rematch me, but I'm committed to righting the wrongs," she added.

"My titles were taken from me, and now she's avoiding the rematch. I refuse to let it end like this. It will haunt me throughout my career.

"She can't just hold onto those 140-pound belts. I'll find a way to confront her and fight for my belts again."

Taylor and Cameron will fight again (Photo by James Chance/Getty Images)

Katie Taylor fans may be disappointed, but according to RTE Sport, another exciting fight may be on the horizon.

The Irish outlet suggests a potential rematch against Amanda Serrano in Las Vegas in June.

Taylor previously defeated Serrano in New York via a split decision in an exhilarating match at Madison Square Garden in April 2022.

The proposed fight is set to take place at the Sphere in Las Vegas.

Taylor's promoter, Eddie Hearn, commented, "There's a strong possibility she [Taylor] will face Serrano next.

"Undoubtedly, a rematch with Serrano would be a significant bout. It's the logical choice for Katie Taylor. A fight in the United States holds great appeal following the success of their previous match at Madison Square Garden. Katie is eager for the biggest challenges."