Conor McGregor responds to recent trend of YouTuber boxing fights

Conor McGregor responds to recent trend of YouTuber boxing fights

WE RECKON a lot of people will agree with this.

UFC 261 went down over the weekend, and to call it an action-packed event is an understatement to say the least.

Kamaru Usman defeated Jorge Masvidal with an incredible knockout, and the brilliant Rose Namajunas won her fight with an extraordinary head kick. 

However, the night was overshadowed by a horrific injury suffered by Chris Weidman, whose leg broke horribly in the ring.

UFC fans were loving the drama of the entire event, and Dublin fighter Conor McGregor was no exception.

He was tweeting about the event throughout the night, and one of his points was that UFC high level fighting is simply better than "blogger jackass boxing", as he put it.

This is surely a reference to the recent trend of popular YouTubers hopping in the boxing ring and fighting each other.

Most recently, YouTuber Jake Paul defeated former UFC fighter Ben Askren in a boxing match with a first round knockout, while Paul and McGregor had been going back and forth online since long before that.

McGregor then spent the following day going back and forth with Usman, after his emphatic victory over Masvidal.

He ended this war of words by insisting that if he ever was to get in the ring with Usman, he would defeat Usman and take his belt.

He said: "Fuck these juice heads anyway, I don’t give a bollox. I’m just calling it as it is. I’ve the biggest balls in Ireland with two lump hammers attached to me elbows. Send me in and I’ll pop that big pimple. Get 3 belts to go with my 3 commas."

Quite the statement.