Conor Mcgregor takes the mickey out of the Botswana variant, the new strain of Covid

Conor Mcgregor takes the mickey out of the Botswana variant, the new strain of Covid

CONOR MCGREGOR has taken to Twitter again today to poke fun at the newest strain of Covid-19 coming from Botswana called the Nu variant.

The variant was first spotted in Botswana, where three cases have now been sequenced. Six more have been confirmed in South Africa, and one in Hong Kong in a traveller returning from South Africa.

The Crumlin native who said the vaccines don't work earlier in the week decided to take the mickey out of the new strain and sarcastically wanted Tony Holohan, Ireland's Chief Medical Officer to crack the whip again.

" Guy's did you hear We've to watch out for this Botswana yoke now. It sounds serious. It's not protected against our vaccines also. "vaccine laughed at it", said crazy.

Chances of hitting the deck have now trebled again, so back in your box. This message directly from Tony Baloni

He then mentioned that the new strain would be no match for Dubliner.

Oh no! This Botswana is worse than the delta! But trust me when i say, IT’S F*K ALL TO THE ALPHA! Oh yes!

The tweets have again been deleted since posting

This isn't the first time Mcgregor has vented his frustration at every Covid related event. Early in the week the fighter deleted tweets saying the vaccine didn't work

"The vaccines have not worked to stop this whatsoever," McGregor tweeted. "More vaccinated than ever. More cases than ever. Reevaluate entirely. Stop taking handouts."

The tweet gained almost 10,000 likes.

According to multiple health organisations dotted around the globe, the purpose of vaccinations is to reduce hospitalisation rates - technically not stopping you from contracting the virus itself.

Ireland has more than 90 per cent of its eligible population fully vaccinated already but rumours are swirling the country could enter a snap lockdown before Christmas.