Leo Cullen prayers answered as Champions Cup game is fairly priced

Leo Cullen prayers answered as Champions Cup game is fairly priced

Leinster's Leo Cullen, who previously wished for a scenario where the Champions Cup semi-final between his side and Northampton Saints in Croke Park next week could be afforadable for fans, has had his wishes come true

The Irish province will play in the famous GAA stadium next week for the first time since 2009 because the Aviva Stadium is being used for the Europa League final later this month.

The chance to see Leinster in Croke Park is a mouthwatering prospect for fans of the team, but that desire could also be met with potential price gouging.

Cullen, speaking to the media last week, wanted tournament bosses in charge of setting prices not to inflate them because they could.

"We’ve had amazing support today and amazing support last week, and if you get a big crowd there, it’s a great thing. It’s a special occasion," he said.

"Hopefully EPCR priced the tickets appropriately for an 82,000-person venue because you want a big crowd, don’t you? Obviously, it’s an EPCR event; it’s not a Leinster event.

"That’s the big thing you’d ask because you want a proper crowd there. You want to entice people to be there, to make it a special occasion, rather than rip people off.

"You don’t want to rip people off. So hopefully it’s a proper game now, as in we get a big crowd, because if we turn up and whatever, there are 20,000 people—20,000 is a lot of people, but if it’s in an 82,000-capacity stadium, then it’s a different kettle of fish, isn’t it?

His prayers were answered this week, as fans can now snag a Hill 16 ticket for only €18. Responding to feedback from Leinster regarding ticket pricing in past semi-finals at the Aviva Stadium, EPCR has decided to slash prices by €10 across all ticket categories.

Premium tickets will be priced at €90, Category 1 at €75, Category 2 at €55, Category 3 at €38, and Category 4 at €18.

Cullen's last visit to the stadium was not on the pitch and not on the touchline. Leinster, who were unfancied of winning the European Cup, overcame their provincial rivals Munster in Croke Park.

The Irish province then beat the Leicester Tigers in the final to win their first-ever European title.

Cullen is welcoming the opportunity to make new history in Croke Park with this current crop of Leinster players

“Nobody gave us a chance in 2009 to win that game, but it’s a different moment in time now for the group of players,” Cullen said.

“It’s amazing to get that opportunity to do it because it’s such an iconic venue in Irish society. Not just sports. An amazing opportunity for this group.”

Leinster's game against the Northampton Saints on May 5 kicks off at 5:30.