Decision on London job won’t take months, says Coggins

Decision on London job won’t take months, says Coggins

LONDON boss Paul Coggins insists the question marks over his future in the role will not drag on in the same manner as it did last year.

The Roscommon native was not confirmed as London’s boss for this season until October 2014, and as yet no decision has been made for the 2016 campaign.

Coggins has held ‘positive conversations’ with the county board already, but a decision still appears to be a number of weeks off.

However, an announcement will not take months to arise again, Coggins has stressed.

“It certainly won’t be dragging on like it did last year,” he told The Irish Post. “A quick decision will be made – but at the same time a lot of thought has to be put into it.

“Once that’s done, from both sides, and we’ve sat down to discuss things properly, I can assure you it will be a quick decision. It’s something that hopefully will be discussed at length in the coming couple of weeks.

“I still expect a very fast decision and possibly before the next county board meeting. It’s important to make a decision for everybody.

“But it’s not a decision I can make on my own – it’s a decision that everybody has to have a say in, so we’ll just have to see how people are thinking.”

Head coach Ciaran Deely has already left the London set-up, but Coggins has not yet drafted up a list of potential replacements as he awaits developments on his own future.

He said: “I haven’t thought that far ahead but it’s something we’d have to start thinking about fairly soon, but only if I’m put in place.”