Diarmuid Connolly calls out 'extreme' 12-week Dessie Farrell ban

Diarmuid Connolly calls out 'extreme' 12-week Dessie Farrell ban

THE FORMER Dublin star is not happy with the treatment of the manager.

Dessie Farrell has been hit with a 12-week suspension after his Dublin side were recently pictured training in the early hours of the morning, and breaking Covid guidelines as a result.

This suspension would seemingly rule him out of the Dubs' Allianz League campaign, which former Dublin star Diarmuid Connolly believes is an overreaction.

Connolly said: "Dublin made a mistake, they’ve apologised for it and they’ve accepted the responsibility. There does have to be a sanction put down, but Dessie Farrell has taken a 12-week ban which is extreme at best.

"And with all that is going on in the media at the moment, a GAA team training with nine people was front page news and I don’t think it warrants it, it was a huge overreaction

"I’m not trying to make light of this either, there are restrictions in place and the whole country has been in lockdown for a long time.

"Dublin have absolutely made a mistake here, but as much as they are portrayed as robots, they are human and they make mistakes like everybody else. They have accepted responsibility now and hopefully we can move on quickly from this."

It is not the first time that Connolly has voiced his displeasure with the entire situation.

In the immediate aftermath of the story emerging, he tweeted: "I’m not saying that it was right what went on (by no means) but front page? All that’s going on at the min and this is your headline story? #ForShame."

Since then, at least 40 players and coaches from Monaghan GAA took part in a training session, which has led to the suspension of manager Séamus McEnaney for three months.