Dublin GAA stars looking to put on masterful display in London

Dublin GAA stars looking to put on masterful display in London

SHANE RYAN, John McNally and Peadar Andrews will be part of a strong Dublin Masters panel who go head to head with London at Ruislip tomorrow (5.30pm).

London are looking for their first win in this year’s competition but captain Damian McKenna feels they are getting closer.

Speaking after the recent defeat at home to Donegal he said: “I think that was our best performance in the competition this year.

“The first couple of games we let ourselves down badly, just far too many unforced errors. And against good sides in this competition, they will punish you every time.

“But we have come on leaps and bounds over the last few weeks.”

A succession of wides and not cashing in on relatively straightforward frees did for the Exiles in that game and McKenna said that will be an obvious area for improvement as they look to down the Dubs.

“We didn’t do ourselves any favours at all with the wide count. Aidan Dillane normally takes them, but when he’s out, it’s a struggle. We had a few guys alternating there, even myself at one point.

"We missed quite a few, with far too many dropping short. Take those, and second half we would have been within three or four points. And then who knows.”

McKenna also feels a quick start against a side who have had to make the long journey over can reap rich rewards on Saturday.

“It’s not easy for sides coming here. It’s a long day for them, probably up at 5.30am to make the flight and plenty of travelling sides here will have that to contend with. That’s one advantage we have that we probably haven’t made the most of in our home games so far.

“So if we can get in early and hit them hard at the start of the game, it puts them on the backfoot.

“If they don’t get the early scores the pressure builds and a long journey feels even longer still.”