Five times Ireland have beaten England against the odds

Five times Ireland have beaten England against the odds

SATURDAY SAW Ireland dominate England in the rugby, in what was a really impressive performance.

And we're not feeling too eager to stop the celebrating any time soon...

So to keep the good thoughts flowing in these trying times, we thought we'd cast our minds back to five other times we beat England across a number of sports.

Euro '88

Well this was always going to be our first pick, wasn't it?

The first ever international tournament that we qualified for, and one that we will never forget.

Who stuck the ball in the English net? You know damn well who did. Ray Houghton did, and we still sing (and write) about it to this day.

Clip via RTÉ Sport

Steve Collins battering Chris Eubank

Chris Eubank Sr. famously "had the balls to fight an Irishman on St Patrick’s Day", but it didn't do him much good when he came up against Steve Collins back in '95.

Collins won in the gigantic fight, and the two seemingly have bad blood to this day.

Though we wouldn't be too keen on seeing a rematch...

Beating England at the Cricket World Cup

Cricket is on the rise in Ireland. So much so that it's not all that uncommon to see kids out practicing in certain parts of the country.

And this could be partly down to the 2011 Cricket World Cup, where Ireland beat England by three wickets with Kevin O'Brien hitting the fastest century in World Cup history, managing the feat in just 50 balls.

Clip via ICC

Denying England Grand Slams

That's right. Defeating the English in rugby is nothing new to us.

In what is almost a cruel turn of fate, we have stopped the English from winning a Grand Slam in the Six Nations on a number of occasions, so you can take your pick!

You've got 2001, 2011 and 2017 to choose from. Admittedly, some fine England sides still won the Six Nations on some of these occasions, but not without the Irish raining on the parade.

At Cheltenham, literally last week

We had to say it. It was an absolute mauling, when it comes to Irish jockeys vs English jockeys at the 2021 Cheltenham Festival.

Rachael Blackmore stole the show and deservedly got the attention she was worthy of, and while she didn't directly defeat England, she became the first woman to be crowned leading jockey at the festival.

An extraordinary feat from the Tipperary native.