Former Liverpool FC player Jamie Carragher could pay GAA club's controversial €2,000 fine

Former Liverpool FC player Jamie Carragher could pay GAA club's controversial €2,000 fine

A LONGFORD GAA club that was fined €2,000 after it hosted a Jamie Carragher Soccer School event could have its penalty paid by the former Liverpool player.

Dromard GAA were originally fined €3,000 for allowing the school to run at the club last August, before the sum was lowered on appeal.

A statement from the Jamie Carragher Soccer School (JCSS) at the time said: "Jamie is aware of the situation and fine imposed. The committee of the JCSS will be meeting to discuss what assistance it can offer to the club concerned."

This morning the Irish Independent reported that Carragher may be set to pay the fine on behalf of the club, although he is yet to comment publicly on the matter.

It is understood, however, that he is being updated regularly on developments with the case, particularly now that the club’s appeal has been denied.

Dromard's appeal against the fine was denied because it was lodged last week outside the permitted three-day period outlined in the GAA rules.

The GAA's Management Committee brought the case against Dromard under rule 5.1, which governs the use of Association property.

In its statement last week, the JCSS added: “Since last summer through the 23 Foundation that Jamie operates several fundraising projects including a GAA club from the Kilkenny area have received assistance with their efforts and this confirms the desire and commitment shown by Jamie Carragher and all his support structures in the 23 Foundation and JCSS to promote and develop the avenues available to people of all walks of life to participate in sport and fitness.”