Fulham Irish succeed in Tipperary Cup appeal

Fulham Irish succeed in Tipperary Cup appeal

FULHAM IRISH have been reinstated into the Tipperary Cup after a fixtures mix-up dumped them out of the competition.

Fulham believed they had been granted an exemption in their semi-final fixture with Round Towers on the weekend of April 12 but while much of the team were holidaying in Berlin, the County Board handed their opponents a walkover.

The club said the exemption had been granted on February 17.

“We appealed the decision to Provincial Council and it was the most straightforward case ever,” John Doyle told The Irish Post.

“We asked why the rules had not been adhered to, they agreed and refixed the game.”

The contest will now be played on Sunday with the winners facing Tir Chonaill Gaels in the final.

“It will be tough because there are a lot of players away on breaks,” said Doyle, “and more away with the London squad. But we are happy it has been refixed. It was the principle of the thing.”

This season the club landscape in the capital has been blighted by walkovers and conceded contests.

The trend has raised concerns over the well-being of a number of London’s top clubs in hurling and football and of the level of communications between the Board and the clubs.