Ireland's Olympian hero Kellie Harrington says she hopes to have children one day

Ireland's Olympian hero Kellie Harrington says she hopes to have children one day

IRELAND'S GOLD medal hero Kellie Harrington says that she hopes that one day she will have children to enjoy the Late Late Toy Show with. 

Harrington was one of the surprise guests last Friday and gave two fans lovely gifts.

The two kids named Poppy and Darcy joined the Portland Row native in fun and games. The Olympian also gave the girls two signed Olympic vests and signed gloves to take home. 

The boxer took to Instagram to reflect on the events, she wrote,

So about last Friday....

"I got to meet these two absolute best friends Darcy & Poppy. They were full of energy and joy.

The @latelaterte toy show is a show I have watched every year since I've been a kid, and I absolutely love it.

"It is all about the children, and for me it is all about good memories that were made watching it back as a child and hopefully one day when I have children of my own starting that same tradition with them and giving them the same fuzzy feeling inside as I did when I was a kid getting ready for it and watching it.

"The toy show is a tradition that many families have together, a tradition filled with love, joy and happiness after a belly full of sweets of course."

 Harrington has been in a relationship with Mandy Loughlin for 12 years. She revealed how the pair met 

Speaking during the Olympics, Mandy said:

"We met 13 years ago in boxing when she used to have to trek over to Bray to train where I was training at the time.

"We met there and clicked and the rest is history. There was an initial [vibe that they wouldn't get along] the first time we met but after that we were grand.

"I suppose it's just such a difference - a north inner city girl and a southside girl might just not get on straight away but opposites obviously attract and it was the best thing ever."

Nidge and Maisie, the two dogs complete the household

Mandy added:

"We have a little French Bulldog, Nidge, who's three and a Staffy, Maisie, she's 12. They're just gorgeous. They're absolutely babies. They don't know they're dogs. They think they're human beings."