Irish jockey Chris Meehan in bizarre injury after fall in Italy

Irish jockey Chris Meehan in bizarre injury after fall in Italy

IRISHMAN Chris Meehan could well be the unluckiest jockey on the planet after suffering a bizarre double injury whilst racing in Italy.

The Co. Down native suffered a broken nose and was knocked out after being kicked in the head from a horse following a fall, yet worse was yet to come.

As the ambulance came to his aid, the driver pulled up and accidentally reversed over the stricken 22-year-old’s leg, breaking his limb and ruling him out of action for two months.

Not only that, but the driver actually nestled the vehicle on top of Meehan’s leg, forcing those around him into a frenzied reaction.

"Because it's such a small tight track, they had to turn around and as they went to turn the ambulance, it reversed on top of my leg," Meehan told BBC Radio Foyle.

"After I left a roar out of me, everybody realised that the ambulance was on top of me and they all jumped up and pushed it off me."

What makes the incident all the more ironic is the fact that Meehan’s father has been in the ambulance service for 30 years and actually teaches others in England and Northern Ireland how to drive such vehicles.

“He wasn't too happy at the sound of what went on," joked Meehan, who is in good spirits despite the unusual set-back.