Katie Taylor has been offered a fight in Croke Park for next Paddy's Day by another boxer

Katie Taylor has been offered a fight in Croke Park for next Paddy's Day by another boxer

IRELAND'S KATIE TAYLOR HAS received  an offer to fight in Croke Park next St.Patrick's Day.

Northampton native Chantelle Cameron, a world champion in two weight classes and the current undisputed light-welterweight champion tweeted out that she'd like to take on Taylor, who is also an undisputed lightweight champion on the 17th of March next year. 

Cameron tweeted: "March 17th Croke Park Katie Taylor Undisputed v Undisputed If the Serrano rematch doesn't happen. I’ll be free."

Taylor has also not distanced herself from the potential fight against Cameron. 

"I have no problem stepping up and facing either of those girls. I obviously fought Jessica and beat her before [in 2017] and I fought Chantelle as an amateur boxer as well. So I have no problem going up and facing either one of them. That would be a fantastic fight," she said.

Many people thought that the Bray native would get her long awaited fight in her home country after her Madisson Square victory over Amanda Serrano, but that never became a reality

Instead Taylor recently beat Argentine Karen Elizabeth Carabajal at Wembley in a comfortable fight. 

Talk has now reginited again about Taylor getting her first ever pro fight at home. 

Due to security concerns, Ireland has not held a boxing event in years and has also stopped fighters like Taylor from getting her long awaited homecoming fight. 

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn speaking last month after Taylor's win over Carabajal said: “It’s time to return to Ireland now, whoever it is, wherever it is, Ireland has to be next for Katie Taylor.

“She deserves it more than anyone, she’s boxed all over the world, the Irish fans are incredible, and they travel everywhere.

“It’s time to give Ireland a sporting event they will never forget, and that’s the return of their hero Katie Taylor."

Taylor backed up Hearn's comments by saying a Croke Park fight would massive, she added, “Absolutely we want to fight at Croke Park,” 

"80000 people, that will be the biggest event in women’s boxing history.”