Liverpool fans protest Super League outside Anfield

Liverpool fans protest Super League outside Anfield

FANS HAVE gathered outside Anfield to protest the club's decision to breakaway and join a Super League.

Liverpool fans have put flags up outside Anfield in protest against the forming of a European Super League.

One flag reads "LFC FANS AGAINST EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE", while another says "SHAME ON YOU. RIP LFC. 1892-2021"

As well as this, fan group Spion Kop 1906 announced earlier in the day that it will be removing all of its flags from Anfield, meaning the Kop will be bare for the game against Newcastle this Saturday.

The group said: "We, along with other groups involved in flags, will be removing our flags from The Kop. We feel we can no longer give our support to a club which puts financial greed above integrity of the game."

Liverpool take on Leeds at Elland Road on Monday Night Football later on, which will surely see Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher dive deep into exactly what is going on in the world of football.

It has also emerged that players that opt to play in the Super League will be banned from playing in the World Cup and Euros, and will not be allowed to play for their national team in general.

Irish legends Paul McGrath and Roy Keane have both spoken out against the forming of the league, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also said that he is against it.