New London Irish ground could host GAA National League games

New London Irish ground could host GAA National League games

THE GAA has famously come to the assistance of rugby in the past during times when the oval-ball code has needed a home while their ground is being redeveloped.

The Irish Post understands that rugby is now in a position to return the favour here in Britain with London Irish’s state of the art new facility at Hazelwood being strongly mooted as a possible venue for London GAA’s winter National League games.

With a stand due to be built and a new pitch to be laid at Ruislip between now and next summer, the GAA Exiles are on the search for a temporary home.

The south-west London base for the rugby Exiles fits the bill in many ways. It has impressive dressing room, gym and catering facilities and, crucially, it has the space needed to make out a full-size GAA pitch.

The idea would be to put a GAA field over two rugby pitches.

The location is several miles removed from the GAA’s strong north-west London base but proximity to the M25 makes it accessible to car drivers, even if public transport links to the area are not exceptional.

However, one transport factor in Hazelwood’s favour is that nearby Sunbury station is on the rail line from Waterloo and passes through stations in south-west London where a lot of new emigrants from Ireland now live.

The Irish Post understands that Hazelwood is one of three options being discussed as possible temporary bases for the London team, the others being in west and north-west London.

Croke Park have to approve whichever temporary home is found, which is likely to happen in the next month.