Player Profile - Jimmy Dunne - a leader at just 23 years of age

Player Profile - Jimmy Dunne - a leader at just 23 years of age

IT HASN'T been easy for him, but Jimmy Dunne has always found a way.

Football hasn't exactly been smooth sailing for Burnley's Jimmy Dunne.

The Dundalk lad has been through it all in his career, and he's still only 23 years of age.

He lived every kid's dream and signed for Manchester United from St Kevin's in Dublin, before moving on to another big club in Burnley.

Things started getting a bit tetchy from there, particularly a loan move to Fleetwood which was cut short due to a disciplinary issue, while Joey Barton was his manager no less.

But this season he got his chance to play in the Premier League, and even got himself a lovely goal against Leicester in the league.

Unfortunately for Jimmy, his time at Burnley seems to be coming to an end, especially given the fact that Dyche is eyeing up fellow Irishman Nathan Collins.

Add that with the gaffer's latest comments about Dunne, we reckon it's time he starts searching for a new club.

Dyche said: "Jimmy has stayed more around the first team all season and become a member of the squad. He has had some appearances as well which is important.

"There is still a lot of work to be done with him but he knows that, as regards to Premier League.

"I think he can handle the rest of football, I believe he could deal with the Championship and deliver.

"The Premier League is a different animal. He has got to adapt to what it really brings and he he showed that with his performances early season when they were good performances but just the odd little thing that caught him out and that is the Premier League, the details are so important.

"He has had a decent season behind the scenes, he hasn't always figured in front of your eyes but he has worked very hard with the rest of the group to make sure he is good and ready."

But based on his skillset, his attitude and his age, he shouldn't have a tough time finding a new side.

A representative of his boyhood club, St Kevin's in Dublin, said that from a very early age, Dunne was a leader.

He said: "As a young 12 year-old kid Jimmy was very outgoing. He lit the place up when he arrived for training straight into the dressing room and and gave every player a high five and shook every member of staff by the hand.

"We did not ever have to get the team up for games Jimmy would do that in a moment. He was a ready made captain and at the time he was always captain material."

Dunne's former manager also praised the young man's family, saying that he believes that "99% of Jimmy's success" is down to Jimmy and his fantastic family who believed in him like we did.

Here's hoping that he and his family make the right decision with regards to what he does next, as his next move could be massive for his career.