Richard Dunne: Coleman is one of Ireland's best ever fullbacks

Richard Dunne: Coleman is one of Ireland's best ever fullbacks

Former Ireland defender Richard Dunne believes that Ireland's current captain, Seamus Coleman, is one of the country's best ever fullbacks. 

Since his transfer from Sligo Rovers for a modest fee in 2009, the Donegal native has amassed over 350 appearances for Everton and endeared himself to fans in the process.

The Ireland and Everton veteran is widely admired by both supporters and former players. Former Everton manager Frank Lampard once described the 35-year-old as "one of the best people he'd ever met."

Dunne also praised Coleman's contributions while wearing the Ireland jersey, asserting that he belongs in the same league as renowned right-backs Gary Kelly, Steve Finnan, and Stephan Carr.

"Seamus Coleman has been exceptional, and he ranks among the very best. Ireland's 2002 World Cup squad featured Gary Kelly, Steve Finnan, and Stephan Carr as right-backs! They were all top players, and I firmly believe Seamus belongs in that category.

"He's played a crucial role in galvanising Everton and bringing the team together. Seamus has consistently performed outstandingly for both club and country," Dunne remarked while speaking to Boylesports, who provide the latest Premier League odds.

Ireland captain Seamus Coleman (Photo By Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile via Getty Images)

Dunne further argued that if Coleman were in his prime today, clubs like Manchester City, Manchester United, and Liverpool would all be vying to sign him. He emphasised that Coleman possessed the talent to compete at the highest level, a fact that should have been acknowledged in past transfer dealings..

"Seamus was unquestionably good enough to play for Liverpool or Manchester United. He had opportunities to join those clubs but opted to remain loyal to Everton. Despite their recent challenges, Everton is a significant club in its own right and has enjoyed numerous successes. I'm certain Seamus is content with his career at Everton.

"It's difficult to estimate the value of a prime Seamus Coleman in today's market! The transfer market has reached a point where players are valued at £50 million or even £70 million! Seamus would have commanded a high price and likely would have been the most expensive right-back in the Premier League, regardless of the era.

"He chose to stay, and Everton had no intention of selling him. He took immense pride in representing Everton. I firmly believe he should be acknowledged as one of the Premier League's finest right-backs."