Roy Keane signs off from World Cup in typical fashion with rant about ‘idiot’ referee

Roy Keane signs off from World Cup in typical fashion with rant about ‘idiot’ referee

IRELAND may not have been at the World Cup but Roy Keane’s punditry certainly kept us entertained.

His tactical analysis, no-nonsense style and jostling with fellow pundit Ian Wright on ITV have been as entertaining as the football.

Before he speaks he casts that look that makes you wonder whether he’s going to give a cogent, insightful answer or rip someone to shreds with a stinging putdown.

It was evident again as Keane and Wright watched underdogs Croatia lose to France 4-2 in the final, however the Croats can feel aggrieved after two big decisions went against them.

First, Antoine Griezmann went down easily for a free-kick. Griezmann stepped up himself and saw his effort deflected in by Croatian Mario Mandzukic.

Then after Croatia levelled at 1-1, France were awarded a penalty for a harsh handball decision against Croatia, Griezmann converting the spot kick.

At the interval, Ian Wright was in the minority in the ITV studio as he said he felt it was a penalty.

Keane shook his head before firing a withering look at the former Arsenal striker and telling him he needed his ‘head examined’.

“Football’s a great game, the greatest game on the planet,” said Keane, before adding: “That decision there disgusts me, absolutely disgusts me.

“The Croatian players deserve better than that.

“It’s a ridiculous decision, I am fuming. Disgraceful decision.”

After saying he reckoned the ref had never played football, Keane added: “Where’s the common sense?

“If it finishes like this we’ll end up talking about the referee, you’re not supposed to be talking about the referee.

“You’re supposed to be talking about the players, the quality, and we’ve got to talk about this idiot.

“It’s a crazy decision, crazy.”

Just say what you really feel, Roy.