After leaving Celtic, here's what Shane Duffy should do next

After leaving Celtic, here's what Shane Duffy should do next

HIS LOAN spell at Celtic has come to an end.

Shane Duffy's loan at Celtic seemed absolutely perfect on paper.

Brighton's manager Graham Potter simply did not see Duffy in his plans, so he went to a team playing in Europe, who just so happened to be his boyhood club.

But football doesn't always play out the way it should.

The ball just wasn't falling right for the Derryman, who was doing everything in his power to try and have a positive impact on a Celtic side that didn't perform anywhere near the level they should  have.

And sadly, things were going even worse off the pitch, as Shane lost his father and "best friend", as his mother put it not long ago.

So perhaps he will be pleased to see the back of Celtic, and start a new chapter of his life.

Posting on his Instagram page, he wrote: "Thanks to the supporters and the players for helping me through a tough year on and off the field. Not many know what goes on behind the scenes.

"Time to hit restart button and get myself sorted. Celtic Football Club will always have a place in my heart."

At just 29, he still has quite a lot to offer, and importantly, he needs to be playing regularly to get back into the heart of Ireland's defense where he belongs.

Given Graham Potter's style of play, we can assume that he is completely wasted at that particular Premier League club. Instead, he should look to a promoted side, and offer much-needed experience.

Norwich and Watford have come straight back up, and he could look to either as potential clubs to slot in at the back. His aerial presence and reading of the game would do very well for two clubs who are almost definitely going to be in a relegation battle next season. He could also bring some much-needed experience to two young squads.

Failing that, Crystal Palace could be a good move, given the emphasis their side puts on defending and set pieces, or Swansea if they are to come up to the Premier League.

Any of these clubs would do well to have the big Irishman at the back, so hopefully we see him back in the Premier League doing what he does best soon enough.