Six of the funniest Tyson Fury quotes from his latest press conference

Six of the funniest Tyson Fury quotes from his latest press conference

ANYONE who follows Tyson Fury on Twitter will know the heavyweight champions has been in hilarious form this week, and the 6ft 9in giant kept up his persona when confirming the venue for his re-match with Wladimir Klitschko today.

Manchester Arena on July 9 has finally been confirmed as the setting as Fury, who hails from the Irish Travellers’ community but spent much of his upbringing in Manchester, defends three of the four belts he pinched off Klitschko in November.

Not one to hold back, Fury has already kicked off the trash-talking with an entertaining press conference performance at London’s Landmark Hotel.

Here’s the best of what the self-proclaimed ‘Gypsy King’ had to say:

On fighting back in his ‘hometown’ Manchester:

“I don’t have a hometown, ‘cos I’m a traveller. I travel around the world, I pull my trailer up beside someone’s garden, make a mess, and then leave – that’s why I’m the Gypsy King!”

On heavyweight rival Anthony Joshua’s recent performance:

“He’s a nobody. I thought he looked like a pumped up weightlifter fighting an American who had about as much fight in him as this glass of water. All those Americans are bums, they can’t fight.”

On his physical condition:

“I used to be a fat pig. Well, I still am, but basically I only turned professional five fights ago, because before that I was out drinking, out with women of the night to all hours, then I’d come in the next day and fight 12 rounds or knock someone out.”

On Klitschko fighting outside of his usual base in Germany:

“Let him come here, the German pr*ck!” (Klitschko is Ukrainian, of which Fury is well aware)

Sarcastic response after tiring of questions on how he’ll approach the re-match:

“I’m just going to stand and trade punches with him, whoever wins, wins, and who ever doesn’t, doesn’t. I’m going to lift a lot of weights, stand there and have a big slugfest with Wlad.”

On the prospect of fighting David Haye after Klitschko:

“David Haye is a p***y, don’t even mention him again. Next question. Are there any more? Or are we all shot out after four actual questions?”

Watch the press conference in full below: