Stephen Kenny has a serious Aiden McGeady issue to address

Stephen Kenny has a serious Aiden McGeady issue to address

EXPERIENCE IS the teacher of all things, Julius Ceasar once said.

Was he referencing Aiden McGeady potentially getting a call up to the Irish international side at 34 years of age? Probably not.

But for now, it fits.

Last week, we discussed whether McGeady's form at Sunderland was enough to earn him a callup to the Irish team ahead of our World Cup qualifiers, given he hasn't officially retired from international football.

This was due to the extremely impressive amount of assists he has amassed since the turn of the new year, and his skillset and experience in general, which are qualities that the current Ireland squad is lacking, to say the least.

Since then, Sunderland won the Papa John's Trophy Final, with McGeady again providing a gorgeous assist to send the side on their way to victory.

A perfectly weighted pass.

Speaking to The Irish Post, Michael Dunne from the Sunderland fansite Roker Report, said that McGeady should be on Kenny's radar ahead of the next set of international matches.

He said: "Nothing has particularly changed in the way McGeady plays. He still enjoys the tricks and flicks and taking his man on.

"If anything, his crossing has improved immeasurably. A lot of times his crosses may have failed to beat the first man in the past but it seems to be a part of his game that has certainly improved since his return to the squad.

"We are playing to his strengths, which is getting the ball to our attackers as quick as possible and giving them the license to express themselves when on it. Which certainly benefits McGeady’s game."

Understandably, Irish fans may have their reservations about calling up someone playing in League One, but Dunne believes that the tricky winger is currently playing below his actual level.

"He is certainly far and away the best player in League 1 and could absolutely do a job in the
Championship should Sunderland get promoted this season. Whilst he is getting older, he does not appear to have lost that yard of pace that players tend to as they get older.

"He still is also as creative and tricky as he has been in his prime Celtic and Ireland days. Based on form, there are not many better Irish internationals out there at the moment than McGeady. It is certainly worth Stephen Kenny’s time having a closer look at him."

Kenny will pick his squad later this week, and given our injury crisis and lack of attacking options as a whole, McGeady should surely be a serious option.