Could Aiden McGeady be in line for a shock return to international football?

Could Aiden McGeady be in line for a shock return to international football?

WHEN REMEMBERING his time as an international, Irish fans will have mixed feelings about Aiden McGeady.

At no point was his ability ever in question. He was almost always the most talented player in the squad. But many of his performances left Ireland fans wondering 'What if?'

What if more of his crosses beat the first man? What if he didn't pull that shot just wide of the post? What if he lived up to his extremely high potential?

Sadly, both for club and country, McGeady did not deliver at the top level consistently enough when given the chance, despite having all the talent in the world.

That's not to say his career was a flop. He played at a high level throughout his whole time on the pitch, and even had a FIFA skill move named after him. How many people can say that?

And due to the fact that he hasn't yet officially retired from international football, we wouldn't be at all surprised to see him called up to Ireland's squad for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers.

In recent weeks, McGeady has been lighting up League One with Sunderland, having the most assists in the league despite missing half the season and only really getting going in December.

In a recent game against Doncaster Rovers, the winger picked up four assists in one match, which is practically unheard of in any league.

Due to the fact that Ireland just can't put the ball in the back of the net, a bit of creativity and flair certainly would not go astray.

While selecting a 34-year-old from League One may not fit in with manager Stephen Kenny's plan to build a squad for the future, we are not blessed with creativity out wide, and we could do a lot worse than a man with McGeady's experience given the form that he's currently in.