Taoiseach Micheál Martin hits out at Super League

Taoiseach Micheál Martin hits out at Super League

AN TAOISEACH is getting involved.

Micheál Martin has said that he is not in favour of the European Super League, and that he will engage with other EU governments over potential action that may be taken.

In a Tweet posted on Tuesday, he said: "I will engage with other EU governments about possible common action against this Super League proposal.

"It is wrong and would divert money away from football communities, destroying core principles on which sport is supposed to be based."

Meanwhile, Brendan Rodgers has become the latest big name from football to hit out at the world's biggest and richest clubs forming a European Super League.

The Antrim man is the current Leicester manager and can probably feel particularly peeved as his side is not considered an elite club, despite having won a league more recently than Arsenal and Spurs, and currently being ahead of them in the league.

He said: "Leicester City's story for the game shows what can happen in sport.

"I always said 'What defines the Top 6'? Clearly it must be money. What we've tried to do is disrupt that in a football way.

"What we all have to do is protect the game, it’s about competing, and progressing, on merit."

Leicester also have an FA Cup Final to look forward to later in the season.

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This comes after Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola made his feelings on the tournament quite clear speaking at a press conference today.

Guardiola said: "If you ask me why these teams have been selected to play this hypothetical competition in the future… sport, is not a sport when the relationship between effort and reward does not exist.

"It is not a sport if success is guaranteed or if it doesn’t matter when you lose. I have said many times I want a successful Premier League, not just one team at the top. I don’t know if the statement will change and four or five teams will be able to go up."