Thierry Henry hired security for his daughter following handball death threats

Thierry Henry hired security for his daughter following handball death threats

THIERRY HENRY broke Irish hearts with a handball in Paris back in 2009.

It was cruel, it was unfair, and it was probably a major factor as to why we have VAR in the game today.

But years on, the former French striker maintains that what he did on the pitch was just part of a game of football, and that the reaction went too far.

And from his perspective, you'd have to say that the Arsenal legend has a point.

Speaking on Robbie Fowler's podcast, he said: "Regardless of what happened, it’s something that happened in the game. It’s a game of football, this is where a game of football goes too far.

"After, with all of the abuse that I got – whether I deserve it or I didn’t deserve it, it’s still something that happened on a football pitch. Maradona, Lionel Messi – he scored a goal against Espanyol with his hand.

"I didn’t hear about anyone killing Lionel Messi – anyhow, it happened to me. I had to take it, I took it – was I proud of it? No. I nearly didn’t even go to the World Cup, because a lot of stuff happened.

"It became a political problem, prime ministers talking about it, the president talking about it, I was thinking, ‘well, hang on a minute, did I kill someone?’"

Most seriously, Henry felt as though his daughter was unsafe, and had to hire added security as a result.

"This is where it becomes difficult and I’m not saying this for people to say ‘Oh my God!’ but after that, the abuse that I got – I received letters and death threats.

"My daughter had to go to school with a bodyguard for two weeks because I was scared – ‘We know where you live'."

The full episode of Fowler's podcast can be seen here:

Clip via The Robbie Fowler Podcast