Thierry Henry speaks beautifully about Roy Keane's ability

Thierry Henry speaks beautifully about Roy Keane's ability

"HE WAS a hell of a player."

Last month, it was announced that Alan Shearer and Thierry Henry would be the first people inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame.

And when discussing who should be the next players inducted, the latter said that Roy Keane has to be among those added to the list.

He made the point that Keane is often associated with tough tackles and being "hard", but that on the pitch - he was so much more.

He said: "I get annoyed when people talk about Roy Keane and about his tackles, that he was hard.

"Yes, he was, yes he was. He could tackle people as well all know, but what a player he was. He could pass the ball, he could score goals.

"I was in the stand when he scored that header to bring his team back into the Champions League semi-final (against Juventus) and I was like wow.

"The way he brought his team back into the game. The way he battled in midfield. The way he could galvanise everyone and make them play better by just who he was.

"I won't say what he was saying on the field at times to some of his team-mates, but I was like wow... I understand why they listen. Also because he was a hell of a player. He could play."

Seriously high praise from one of the best to ever play the game.

While Jamie Carragher didn't add anything to Henry's points, he also included Keane in his picks for the Hall of Fame.