WATCH: 'Legend' Irishman jeered for wearing Ireland jersey in English pub for Euro 2020 match

WATCH: 'Legend' Irishman jeered for wearing Ireland jersey in English pub for Euro 2020 match

AN IRISH man in England has gone viral for a video showing him entering a British pub during a Euro 2020 match-- while wearing an Ireland jersey.

The 2020 Euros are in full swing following a one-year delay thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, and friendly-- and not-so-friendly-- rivalries are back with a bang.

While Ireland didn't make it into this year's championship, our closest neighbours in Scotland, Wales and England were successful-- but that doesn't mean they're guaranteed support from the Republic.

In fact, some are using the opportunity to wind up the fans in true Irish fashion, as one video making the rounds on social media proves.

The clip, posted to Twitter and Facebook by multiple accounts, shows a packed outdoor beer garden in a pub in England with screens airing a Three Lions match, and dozens of those present wearing jerseys or flying flags of their own.

When suddenly, in walks a man in an Ireland jersey.

The reaction was quick and expected: some boos, some jeers, and plenty of laughter-- particularly from the man filming, who lets loose a side-splitting peal of hysterics.

The Ireland-jersey clad lad walks through the crowd without a bother, and greets his friends at a table before settling down for a pint.

County Wexford's Brennan's Brewery shared the video on their Facebook page with the caption "This man deserves FREE DRINK for Life"-- and most of those commenting echoed the sentiment.

"Absolute legend," one person wrote, while another said "Get that man a keg!"

"I'm surprised he can even walk with balls that big," another joked.

Another famous rivalry will hit centre stage this Friday as England face off against Scotland in the D Groups stage of the Euro- whether this scene will be recreated with a Scotland jersey remains to be seen.