Irish city named one of the best hipster travel destinations in the world

Irish city named one of the best hipster travel destinations in the world

ONE OF Ireland's best cities has been recognised for something a little unusual.

Ireland is often recognised for being super-friendly, having incredible scenery, amazing beaches or just being the best place to visit in general-- but now a travel company has highlighted us for having one of the best destinations for hipsters.

Cork city has been named by travel magazine Days to Come in it's list of '6 Off-Piste Hipster Travel Destinations' alongside iconic cities such as Naples and Osaka-- and if you've ever visited this southern city you'll already know why.

The magazine, which is part of umbrella travel company TourRadar, praises Cork's "flourishing food and brewery scene and a roster of festivals", and says Cork's massive appeal for hipsters comes from its "neighbourhoods, small pockets of culture, history and Irish traditions that fuse to bring home an authentic and off-beat city adventure".

The city's Huguenot Quarter, Opera House, Crawford Art Gallery, French Church Street and Coal Quay Plaza's farmers market all get a special mention in the travel magazine's review, and they recommend Summer, autumn and Christmas as the best time to visit-- so basically year-round.

While we always appreciate Ireland being recognised for being the great place it is, we knew Cork was cool before this list-- which I guess makes us the hipsters.

For full reviews of the 6 'Off-Piste Hipster Travel Destinations' you can visit the website here.

'Days to Come': 6 Off-Piste Hipster Travel Destinations:

1 Victoria, Canada

2 Naples, Italy

3 Nakazakicho, Osaka, Japan

4 Cork, Ireland

5 Glasgow, Scotland

6 Arequipa, Peru