Ballymaloe Foods gives back to customers while celebrating 30-year anniversary

Ballymaloe Foods gives back to customers while celebrating 30-year anniversary

ONE of Ireland’s most celebrated brands, Ballymaloe Foods is celebrating 30 years in business this month.

The company has planned various celebrations to thank their customers, staff and suppliers for their support over the years.

They include commissioning artist Fatti Burke to design special labels for their 30th Anniversary jars – which will also include 30 per cent more of their products for free for customers.

Ballymaloe Foods was established by Yasmin Hyde, the daughter of Myrtle Allen, in 1990.

Allen established a country house hotel and restaurant at Ballymaloe in the 1960s and it was here she developed her now famous, Original Relish recipe.


In 1990, Ms Hyde decided to start Ballymaloe Foods from her kitchen.

“We are delighted to be celebrating 30 years in business this year,” Ms Hyde explains.

“Nothing happened overnight for us but we worked hard and gradually grew the business into what it is today. Times may have changed but our approach never did.

"We produce good quality foods, using traditional methods in small batches.”

She added: “We have had fantastic support over the years.

"We first started selling to local stores and then one of our first big customers was the old Roches Stores in Cork who allowed me to display the relish on their shelf free of charge.”

General Manager at Ballymaloe Foods today is Yasmin’s daughter, Maxine.


At four years old, Maxine was told she was the first person to taste this new relish product and loved it.

Maxine said: “I have an abiding memory of being fascinated at watching people taste the product for the first time.

"We have worked hard over the years to grow our business and as we celebrate 30 years we wanted to say ‘thank you’ to our staff, customers and suppliers.

"The business grew organically over the years and it is steadily increasing.”

Today the company has 33 staff and 18 products and exports into the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and the US and its products include relishes, mayonnaise, pasta sauces and dressings.