Belfast brothers to launch cereal café in London

Belfast brothers to launch cereal café in London

IF your daily struggle to reach your desk on time involves skipping breakfast and a mad dash out the door, a London café could rid you of your morning hunger.

Forget bacon butties and egg muffins, the aptly named Cereal Killer Café aims to revolutionise the way in which we eat and treat the popular grain. Cold milk or warmed up, cereal first or after? Perhaps you get daring and add fruit into the bowl or even mix two different brands together.

Creativity will not only be welcomed but encouraged when identical twins Alan and Gary Keery open the doors of Britain’s first cereal café next month on Brick Lane in Shoreditch.

The trendy and distinctive location is the perfect spot for the Belfast brothers to launch their new conceptual café, where cereal lovers will be able to roam the two floor eatery and choose from more than 100 cereals from across the globe.

Depending on which side of the bed you wake up on, you might fancy customising your chosen fuel with the 13 different milks and 20 toppings on offer.

And if for some reason the huge range of cereal becomes overwhelming, fret not. The café will also serve 18 flavours of pop tarts, toast and Allpress coffee.

But the real beauty of the Cereal Killer Café is that it’s open for business from 7am-8pm, so satisfying your cereal cravings doesn’t have to be restricted to the morning rush hour.

With 80 vintage cereal boxes on display, including Pokémon, Bill and Ted, The Addams family and Cabbage Patch Kids, the diverse menu could also serve as a great after-work snack or an alternative destination for a potential date.

Cereal Killer Café are now recruiting for cereal obsessed staff, so if your first thought when you get out of bed is cereal, email your CV and a recent photo to [email protected].