The top 10 jobs employers in Ireland find ‘hard to fill’ have been revealed

The top 10 jobs employers in Ireland find ‘hard to fill’ have been revealed

THE roles Irish employers found most difficult to fill in 2016 have been revealed, with skills in technology among the hardest to find.

Research by job website Indeed found that Irish employers are finding it most difficult filling roles in the technology, health and legal sectors.

On average, it took more than 60 days to find a suitable candidate in the positions featured in the list.

With Ireland’s unemployment rate having fallen by over seven per cent in the last five years, a tightening labour market has made it more difficult for employers to fill positions.

Tech roles feature most prominently on Indeed’s list, while the market for professional roles such as lawyers and auditors is also tightening.

Nursing roles also feature prominently on the list, highlighting the difficult task faced by Ireland’s health service who have often campaigned to attract nurses working in Britain to Ireland.

Here are Ireland’s 10 Hard to Fill Roles of 2016:

  1. Senior Java Developer
  2. Lawyer
  3. Senior Software Engineer
  4. System Engineer
  5. Theatre Nurse
  6. Auditor
  7. Clinical Nurse Manager
  8. Developmental Operations Engineer
  9. Front End Developer
  10. Recruiting Consultant

Indeed economist Mariano Mamertino said: "As the country’s unemployment rate falls, Irish employers may find it increasingly difficult to find skilled employees.

“Our data provides a clear view of where talent bottlenecks are starting to emerge.

“Ensuring that Ireland is an attractive destination for skilled workers must be a key focus for government as the economy continues to strengthen."