Waste management firm launches graduate programme to improve lives of young people

Waste management firm launches graduate programme to improve lives of young people

THE London Irish recycling and waste management firm Powerday has launched a graduate training scheme to help improve the lives of young people in the city.

Announced following National Apprenticeship Week, which ran from February 8-14, the scheme is described by the firm as a “natural development” following the launch of their Powerday Academy in January 2020.

The Academy was created to deliver career support and training to the local community – both to existing employees and school leavers from less advantaged backgrounds.

The firm is initially providing graduate roles in sustainability, finance, and IT, which will be based at the company’s head office in Willesden Junction, North West London.

Successful candidates will be given the opportunity to gain exposure to day-to-day business operations, practical skills and work experience while also being put through formal qualifications that will contribute towards a post-graduate qualification in their given discipline.

Liam Kearney, Joint Managing Director at Powerday, explained: “We believe that as a significant local employer we have a responsibility to provide secure and rewarding employment whilst giving opportunities to those in our community who might be struggling to find work.”

He added: “I am delighted to launch this new scheme which will sit alongside our apprenticeship and management training scheme and help us deliver against our mission to improve the lives of young Londoners through local employment.”

Powerday’s first recruit to the scheme, Maisie Collins, started a role as Environmental, Sustainability, and Wellness Driver in August last year.

A graduate in geography from Loughborough University, Ms Collins, who completed her university thesis on Sustainability around Heathrow Airport, has this year recently begun a 24-month training and development programme which will see her work towards the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management whilst delivering Powerday’s newly developed Sustainability and Wellness Manifesto.

Ms Collins said: “I started my career with Powerday in customer services, but I had a clear path I wanted to follow, which was sustainability and the senior management team have supported me every step of the way.”

She added: “I love my new role driving sustainability and wellness initiatives through every area of our operations and ensuring that the business is a force for good.

“I am also collaborating with our clients on common sustainability initiatives.”

Thanking her employers for their ongoing support, Ms Collins said: “I am hugely grateful to Powerday for investing in me and giving me access to the necessary professional development and training expertise and skills to kick start my career in Sustainability and Wellness.”

For further information about Powerday’s new Graduate Scheme contact [email protected].