Fifteen totally made up nonsensical words that Irish people love to use

Fifteen totally made up nonsensical words that Irish people love to use

1. Banjaxed
Meaning: Broken, incapacitated.
Example: Ah lads, the kettle's banjaxed.

2. Begorrah

Meaning: According to Urban Dictionary  Beggorah was originally used in the Irish counties of Kerry and Cork to mean: ''Holy mother of God'' and such like.
Example: Faith and begorrah!  (although the last time someone Irish actually said that was 1902)

big cod fish on a white background Ah, I'm only codding ya

3. Codding

Meaning: kidding, messing, joking, teasing
Example: Ah sure, I'm only codding ya

4. Cogging

Meaning: copying, plagiarising. Used mainly in Cork.
Example: Watch yer man, he's cogging your homework

5. Do Lally

Meaning: Nuts, crazy, round the bend
Example: That wan's driving me do-lally today

flahed6. Flahed

Meaning:Tired. wrecked, exhausted.
Example: I'm flahed out like

7. Lapsy pa

Meaning: Food poisoning, or more generally any ailment you can't out a name on
Example: Himself has an awful dose of lapsy pa

8. Loo-lah

Meaning: Crazy, mad, demented
Example: Don't mind her, she's loo-lah

9. Loopers

Meaning: Also crazy, mad, demented
Example: Those fellas are loopers- the whole lot of them!

10. Manky 

Meaning: Dirty, gross, filthy
Example: Will you ever wash those tracksuit bottoms, they're manky! 

11. Skitting

Meaning: Giggling, laughing uncontrollably
Example: They're skitting at yer man off the tele 

12. Smithereens 

Meaning: Smashed, in pieces, in bits
Example: He's after dropping his new iPad and the screen is in smithereens 

13. Thing-a-ma-bob

Meaning: Thing, object
Example: (another common variation is thing-a-ma-jig)

14. Yoke

Meaning: (as above) Thing, miscellaneous object
Example: Pass me that yoke will ya? (also yokey-ma-bob, yokey-ma-jig) 

15. Me dazza

Meaning: According to me dazza means nice, lovely,the business
Example: That new coat is me dazza boy!