New Instagram account pokes fun at misheard Irish names in Starbucks

New Instagram account pokes fun at misheard Irish names in Starbucks

AN exasperated Irishman has taken to social media to highlight the plight of having traditional Irish names while abroad.

Kieran Beckles grew tired of Starbucks staff spelling his name wrong on his coffee cups so he decided to take to Instagram and Twitter to share his experience and have some fun with fellow Irishmen and women.

“Starbucks relentlessly kept spelling my name wrong since I moved to London in 2011,” he said. “I had Irish friends who also suffered when it came to the random names on the cups.”

A sports journalist by trade, Kieran has worked for The Irish Post and now operates his own website, The Sport Review.

Beckles discovered that all across the world, Irish names have been a source of confusion and hilarity for staff in the popular coffee shop chain.


Anecdotally, it seems Starbucks stores in Britain, Canada and Australia are the biggest culprits – with thousands of Irish emigrants in these countries.

Anyone who has had a similar experience can submit their butchered Irish name to the dedicated  'IrishStarbucksNames' Instagram and Twitter accounts.

“The IrishStarbucksNames account is just a bit of fun on the side - and good way of bringing together other Irish people abroad!” said Kieran.

Check out some of the best ones below…