Actor Fíonna Hewitt-Twamley wins prestigious Bobby Award for Edinburgh Fringe show

Actor Fíonna Hewitt-Twamley wins prestigious Bobby Award for Edinburgh Fringe show

DUBLINER Fíonna Hewitt-Twamley’s one woman show Myra’s Story has been recognised with one of the most coveted awards to be found on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The award-winning Irish actor received the Bobby Award last month - Broadway Baby’s top honour for ‘outstanding performance’ at the August 2021 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

It followed 21 sell-out performances by Hewitt-Twamley at the Palais de Varietie Spiegeltent venue in Edinburgh’s George Square Gardens.

In Myra’s Story, which was written and directed by Derry playwright Brian Foster, Hewitt-Twamley delivers an acting masterclass, bringing her audience on an unforgettable journey encompassing a multitude of emotions.

There’s laughter and tears, joy and despair and Hewitt-Twamley’s talent and versatility is showcased in a 90-minute tour de force.

Fíonna Hewitt-Twamley won rave reviews for her performance in Myra's Story

She commands the stage as main character, homeless alcoholic Myra McLaughlin, as well as voicing 15 additional distinct characters ranging between amusing, idiosyncratic, nasty, sympathetic, vengeful, but always vulnerable.

Reaction from audience and critics to the Dublin-born, IFTA-nominated actor’s character portrayal has been unanimous in praise since her Edinburgh stint.

Social media lit up daily throughout August with large swathes of the sell-out crowd taking to ‘Myra’s Story Irish Play’ on Facebook, expressing their appreciation of Hewitt-Twamley’s talent.

Numerous media outlets including The British Theatre Guide AND Broadway Baby awarded a Five Star rating, with the Daily Mail noting, “Fíonna Hewitt-Twamley is quite wonderful, her powerhouse performance of such energy it could knock out the national grid. Five stars are not enough to do it justice”.

Speaking on the win, Fíonna Hewitt-Twamley said, ‘I am beyond humbled to receive such a prestigious accolade.

“Edinburgh and it’s audiences are firmly in my heart, and their words of praise, along with my Broadway Bobby are a beautiful thing for me to treasure.”