Award-winning Irish folk star Aoife Scott 'excited' about new song release

Award-winning Irish folk star Aoife Scott 'excited' about new song release

AWARD-WINNING Irish Folk singer Aoife Scott released a new song this month - and will perform it at two gigs she has lined up for the weekend ahead.

The Dubliner recorded Time Well Spent with Matt McGinn, and the now Kildare-based artist admits she’s “really excited” about it.

This week, Scott has two gigs lined up in Britain.

She is at The Garrett Sessions in TADS Theatre Toddington, Bedfordshire, tomorrow (November 18) at 8pm.

The following night (November 19), she is at The Irish Cultural Centre Hammersmith at 8pm.

Ahead of her UK shows, she took some time out to talk to The Irish Post...

What are you up to right now?

Right now I am packing my bags for some shows in Germany and also posting on social media about my new song, released on November 12. It’s called Time Well Spent, recorded with Matt McGinn, and I’m really excited about it.

Who are your heroes?

Can I say my Mam? Ha! Outside of my Mam, I would say folk singers like Peggy Seeger and Karine Polwart. Alison Krauss was my ultimate musical hero growing up and I still love her today.

What's been the best decade of your life so far and why?

This decade has been the best as I followed my dream of pursuing music full time, and I’m just over the moon to be performing as my job now.

We’ve travelled to Australia, New Zealand, India, the US and Europe playing music and it’s been amazing. It’s also the decade I met Andy, my fella and guitar player.

What record sends a shiver down your spine?

Declan O’Rourke’s Mag Pai Za, which is the album I was listening to on tour when I met Andy (Declan O’Rourke was on the tour too).

What is your favourite place in Ireland?

Rathlin Island - where my granddad came from in Co. Antrim.

What makes you angry?

Seeing the conditions that people have to live in in Direct Provision in Ireland.

The threat of more hotels taking over cultural institutions in my home city of Dublin.

The homelessness crisis and seeing children eating from soup runs on the side of the street.

What book influenced you most?

Steven Pressfield’s War of Art - it inspired me to write my last album Homebird.

It talks about how to break through the creative block and do the work.

What was the worst moment of your life?

The past 18 months was not the greatest time of my life in fairness, the pandemic was an awful time for many people.

And we won’t know really the actual impact it had on people’s mental health until further down the line.

Which local star in any field should the world outside Ireland know about?

Our postman John - from Newbridge, Co. Kildare. He was honoured with a lockdown hero award for looking after so many elderly people during the pandemic.

He kept us going with our daily socially distant chats, and we would have been lost without him.

If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

I don’t like getting older. But I can’t change that can I?

Also, to eat whatever I wanted and not feel unhealthy or run down after it.

What is the best lesson life has taught you?

Stop worrying and enjoy the moments while they are there, as every day is different and may not happen again.

What is your favourite film and why?

Can I say ‘The Goonies’? I’m also really looking forward to watching the new Irish language feature film Arracht.

What do you believe in?

I believe in love. If you have love in your heart then all will be okay.

What trait do others criticise you for?

Being too critical of myself. Overthinking too. Worrying a bit about things outside of my control. Also, I don’t drink enough water.

Where do you live and what are the best and worst things about that place?

I live in Co. Kildare - the best thing about it is living in the countryside and a little robin that comes to visit me every morning - I’ve named him Arthur. The worst thing about living in Kildare is the traffic into Dublin, and the Red Cow junction.

On what occasion is it OK to lie?

When you really need a lie in, and you’re a little bit late, and maybe there was a ‘tractor in front of your car’ for a good part of the journey to the appointment and that was the lie you told to cover why you’re late? I think that’s okay like.

What do you consider the greatest work of art?

I am very proud of my first album Carry the Day - it took a long time to make, but when I made it I felt like I’d won the lottery.

What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?

Is it bad that since lockdown I’ve gotten really into watching episodes of Escape to the Country? It means that I know the prices of country houses in different counties all over England now.

Who is/was the love of your life?

Andy Meaney (Guitarist/Musician) is the love of my life. We met on tour in 2013 and since then we’ve managed to live together, perform together, tour together and we’re still together…hopefully for many more years.

Catch Aoife Scott at the Irish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith on November 19, for tickets click here.