Dermot Kennedy and Normal People's Paul Mescal perform stunning duet in Natural History Museum

Dermot Kennedy and Normal People's Paul Mescal perform stunning duet in Natural History Museum

TWO OF Ireland's rising stars came together this time last year for a stunning one-off performance in London's Natural History Museum.

Actor Paul Mescal showed the world that there's more to him than his already exceptional acting skills-- as seen in the Normal People TV drama-- as he collaborated with acclaimed musician Dermot Kennedy.

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The two came together for a special performance as part of the Some Summer Night series, taking over the iconic Natural History Museum for a night of music and poetry.

With both stars taking to the stage to perform some of Kennedy's best-known hits, and Mescal reading out pieces of poetry in between songs, the set sent watching fans into a frenzy on social media.

Dermot Kennedy and Paul Mescal are out here making me melt into the floor," one girl wrote, while another gushed "Dermot Kennedy and Paul Mescal is the combination I did not know I needed until tonight, holy god."

One sharp-witted viewer wrote "These British guys are great... if only Irish people were this talented," referencing the recent controversy which saw some UK newspapers claim Paul Mescal to be British after his Emmy nomination.

Following the hugely positive reaction to the unique set, Dubliner Dermot Kennedy took to social media where he thanked the fans for their support, saying "It really means the world to me."

The performance was livestreamed across four time zones, with tickets ranging from $17 - $76 for a VIP package which included shirts and a limited edition vinyl, and sadly the pay-per-view set hasn't been released for general viewing just yet.

But with countless fans now calling for Paul Mescal to branch out from his acting career and release an album, we reckon there'll be plenty more to see in the future.

* Originally Published : Jul 31, 2020